Skylogic - Eutelsat Group - Torino

Skylogic is the European leader in satellite communications services to broadband dedicated to companies, governmental bodies and private individuals. Skylogic is based in Turin with sales offices in several European countries such as Germany, England, France, Spain, Greece, Poland and Turkey. The company is part of the Eutelsat Group, the leading satellite operator in Europe.
The project of the new administrative and commercial offices has been achieved by the study of architecture and design Archilandstudio architect Paul Maldotti. They have been used in glass walls and partitions wall Nemo, with standard and slim profile, office furniture Xeno Altius. Much attention has been given in the definition of the layout to the issues of flexibility and acoustics. In the project there are also two of his famous design objects produced by Tisettanta, the lamp Dindole and Nu-ovo.