We produce and supply products and projects for office spaces


Styloffice, history of an Italian factory

Styloffice was founded in 1988 thanks to the passion, courage and far-seeing vision of Mr. Basilio Taraborrelli. Today the company is led by the owners, Dr. Raimondo Taraborrelli, President and General Manager, and Mr. Luciano Antonucci, Board Member and Commercial Manager. Their sacrifices, commitment with new managerial entries have enriched the company structure along the years, underlying the success of Styloffice, created to manufacture and supply office furniture and partition walls.

Styloffice represents the growth and consolidation of an Italian company, a journey that began in 1988, made of discoveries and enthusiasm and that today continues with one goal: to create well-being in the workplaces; mainly from a standard production Styloffice turned to a more and more frequent custom-made production, in order to provide more solutions for the offices requirements, corresponding to the tastes, sizes, and needs of all customers.

Discover our history

Who we are today

Styloffice develops projects and manufactures products for the contemporary office spaces, with a wide range of office furniture and partition walls, both standard and custom-made. The company operates worldwide with partners, resellers, dealers and consultants in the following regions: North America, Asia / Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. We are able to serve our customers potentially everywhere. Our offices and production plants are based in the industrial area of Miglianico, Abruzzo - Italy.

We listen and translate demands into products

We consider a good project a path of dialogue with customers, architects and workers needs. We listen to demands and translate ideas into products. We transform our standard production in bespoke products following the projects of architects and clients. We follow step by step the realizations by linking with all involved people.


Our own values, this characterizes us

Research and curiosity

Our approach to the design is based on these two principles. Taking risks and learning from our mistakes, we grow and create experience for the future.

Focus on customers

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We are always at your disposal here.

The commitment of all

Each one of the components of the company is actively involved in analyzing problems and developing solutions. The work of all makes the difference.

A big family

We know that the quality, the contribution of each person within the company are held in high regard. We have respect for individuality and potential of each person. Ours is always a big family.

The value of experience

We believe that only starting from the experiences related to our past we can build our great future.

The integrity and transparency in relationships

With customers, retailers, staff and freelancers, designers, the respect for others has always been the basis of our behavior.

Our tribute to a better world

The issue of sustainability applied to the design of furniture is now of primary importance. Today the space of living and working must be able to meet the needs of the present without limiting those of future generations, with a commitment based on: energy saving and efficient use of resources, lowering the current threshold of pollution. 

Therefore Styloffice has its primary focus to design and produce in a sustainable way too.The sustainability and recyclability of the products are now indispensable requirements as aesthetics, quality of materials, versatility, utility and ergonomics. Styloffice is committed to match the action of internal development with the demands of flexibility expressed by the market of today.



The quality management system is certified to ISO9001. 


The products are tested by leading laboratories in accordance with the regulations in force. 


The products are in accordance with the rules UNI_EN.


The company is associated to Assufficio-FederlegnoArredo.


Use of ecological materials.


Low formaldehyde emission materials.


Totally recyclable packaging.