Our most significant projects realized all over the world, directly or through our partners. There are several examples of collaboration with architectural studies or directly with the client, because these and many are the needs of small or large companies where our products are present today. Always with a single goal: well-being at work.

NDS - Pescara

Wahda Bank Head Office Vip Branch - Benghazi

Valstand - Milano

Uniservice Fiditalia - Brescia

Nassar - Palestine

De Lama

Eurl beyond electronics - Algiers

Engineering company - Lecco

National Oil Ethiopia (NOC) Addis Abeba

Fater - Pescara

Qterminal - Qatar | With our partner Tivoli Group

Ministry of Municipality & Environment - Doha [Qatar]

Italian Permanent Representation Office - Brussels

BSQ - Qatar | With our partner Tivoli Group

Government project - Ruanda

Mayfair - London

Berniq Airways - Libya

Mithaq Holding - Riyadh

Municipality - Montelupo Fiorentino

Faisal Islamic Bank - Sudan

ASS. EL. - Aprilia

Union Trade - Milano