Our most significant projects realized all over the world, directly or through our partners. There are several examples of collaboration with architectural studies or directly with the client, because these and many are the needs of small or large companies where our products are present today. Always with a single goal: well-being at work.

Lectra - Milan

Showroom - London

Culligan - Milan

Benghazi Municipality

Bank of Trade and Commerce - Benghazi

SILENT-AIRE - Dublin - Ireland

RTA - Bologna - Italy

Tierra - Turin - Italy

Alpha Pharma - Bari

Vimatel - Salerno - Italy

Kuehne + Nagel - Milan

Ali Bin Ali - Kuwait City

Homemate - Cyprus

Elrayan holding

BF - Arezzo

MMD - Ireland

Clear Channel - Milano

Manaseer transport - Jordan

Atos - Naples

TCM s.r.l. - San Salvo

Lugano - Switzerland

Beta 80 - Rome